WNXX Signup Guide

Please print this guide off for reference.

1. Click on the link to open the subscriptions page in a new tab or browser window.

This process is for new users. The subscription sign up page opens in a new window or tab in your browser.

2. Follow the link through to the signup page to start the registration process.

Previously registered subscribers, whether with an active subscription or not, should use the login option.

3.On the signup page select the tariff off your choice, fill out the user registration details form then choose a payment gateway to pay through. If paying by cheque select the 'Paying by Cheque option' but still register to get 7 days access while you cheque payment is processed.

Enter your details, all fields marked with an * are required. The email address must valid because the registration process requires email validation. If need be at this stage make a note of your chosen username and (especially) password. Your username details will be emailed to you. Your password details are held on the system and are known only to the subscriber.

4. The next page advises that email verification is required and to check your email for a link through to the next stage. Click the link in the email sent to you from WNXX Subscriptions to verify your email and proceed to the next stage.

Check your spam folders/system if the email does not appear in your inbox. The email link will take you through to the payment gateway you chose to proceed to making a payment. If paying by cheque click the link to verify your email address then proceed to step 6

5. Follow the required steps through to complete the purchase.

This part will vary depending on which payment gateway you are using. Once your payment is complete you will be returned to WNXX and logged in automatically.

6. Make out a cheque for 10 payable to WNXX.
Put your username and email address on the back of the cheque then post the cheque to...

WNXX Subscriptions
43 St James's Road

On receipt of your cheque your one year subscription will be activated/added manually. If there is a problem with the processing of the cheque you will be contacted via the email you provided to resolve the problem.

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