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  Locomotives, Rolling Stock & Railway Items For Sale  Monday February 08, 2016 09:33
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To advertise something on this page (its free to registered members) please send an Email to this email address with the details required to fill in the advert fields below - Name of seller, what is for sale and a description of it, a picture and contact information. Please remember to advise when an item is sold so the advert can be removed from the page.
Class 20s (HNRC)
HNRC are offering six Class 20s for sale. The locomotives are being made available for sale to 'preservation groups' or for 'preservation only'. All AWS equipment will be completely removed from the locomotives before sale. The six Class 20s are "subject to engine and/or bogie swaps with Class 20s in the mainline fleet as applicable before sale."
Locomotive Location Note/s
20016 Long Marston Subject to offer therefore not currently available
20056 Scunthorpe Steel Works  
20066 Scunthorpe Steel Works  
20081 Long Marston  
20088 Long Marston  
20110 Scunthorpe Steel Works Subject to offer therefore not currently available

The locomotives are available for sale until 28/02/16
Part exchanges for Class 25, Class 31 or Class 33 "will be considered."

Serious enquiries regarding these locomotives only "no journalistic enquiries."

Contact via Email

Alan Keef Narrow Gauge Locomotive (Private Sale)
For sale - narrow gauge 2ft (or 24in gauge) Alan Keef K30 3 cylinder Lister diesel engine locomotive, constructed in the 1980s for quarry use. The engine runs and the locomotive is finished in grey primer ready for repainting into your own colours.

£6,150 ONO

Contact Mick on 07770 743406

Mark 2 Coaches for Exchange (Caledonian Railway)
For exchange Mark 2 TSO 5145, TSO 5188 & BFK14059

We are looking to exchange these Mk2 coaches with Mk1 vehicles on a like for like basis, although we are willing to consider other options. They are all vacuum brake only and are serviceable with some minor work. There is a large amount of internal spares and windows available for these vehicles.

For exchange Mk2 RFM 1251

The above vehicle is ex Virgin, it is air brake air con/ ets fitted. It is also CDL fitted and would probably be able to be brought back to run on Network Rail without too much difficulty. We wish to swap for a vac brake Mk 1 buffet vehicle of some type and are open to offers.

Contact via email enquiries@caledonianrailway.com





Mk1 BSK 35006 & Mk2 BSO 9406 (Mid Norfolk Railway)
Following a review of the rolling stock at the Mid-Norfolk Railway, two vehicles have been made available for sale:

Mk1 BSK 35006 – a complete vehicle on good condition BR1 bogies & Mk2 BSO 9406 – with new sized tyres this hard to come by vacuum braked BSO has a good condition body for its age and past use.

Please contact: james.steward@mnr.org.uk for more information. Offers invited. Serious bidders only.

A Vanguard Series Diesel Shunting Engine & Rail Tanker (Private Sales)
"Thomas Hill Ltd - Vanguard Series Diesel / Hydraulic Driven Locomotive “Shunting Engine” and Rail Tanker Used for Petroleum Crude Oil Available by Private Treaty"



Class 141 two car DMU set number 141108 (Colne Valley Diesels Ltd)
Class 141 two car DMU set number 141108

Complete operational set, though one gearbox defective. Both engines good. Inside as withdrawn, tired but usable. Repainted 2013 but issues with paintwork - the blue did not take very well.

£25k ono. + VAT.

Vendor: Colne Valley Diesels Ltd.

Sale necessary as no space for it under the future land available to the railway.

Paul Lemon info@colnevalleyrailway.co.uk 

Foxfield Railway - Mk1 BG 92929 (Foxfield Railway)
Mk1 BG 92929 is air braked only, the vehicle currently has no internal electrics as these were removed before coming to the railway. It is now surplus to requirements at the Foxfield Railway. The coach requires some bodywork attention but could be used for various uses, especially any group looking for a stores coach etc.

Offers are invited to the following address (email): michael.warren5@yahoo.co.uk

Baguley Railcar Trailer
Asking price reduced October 2014

Private sale - *Baguley Drewry Railcar trailer / wagon*

Baguley Drewry 4 wheel railway maintenance flat wagon, in ex MOD / industrial condition. This type of wagon / trailer was manufactured to go and be used with the MOD railcars which Baguley‘s manufactured, this particular wagon came from Kineton and the only markings on it are a painted number 3. It has the standard draw head / coupler to suit the railcars so
is obviously lower than that of normal standard gauge locos and wagons and as such was not fitted with any buffers.

(The item that is on the wagon in the photos above is NOT included in the sale of the wagon and has already been removed from the wagon, where it was temporarily stored.)

The timbers are good and the flat bed area measures 12ft 8 inch x 6ft 10 inch, the wagon only weights a couple of tonnes at most so can be moved using a suitably strong Hiab fitted lorry, there is no loading facilities where it is stored so a Hiab lorry will need to be used for its collection.

All sensible offers considered around £1850.00 (reduced)(no VAT), inspection welcome (work commitments not with standing)

In the first instance please contact me via e-mail bryanlawson885 (at) googlemail (dot) com further information and or photos availably on request.


Private Sale - Track Panels
Asking price reduced August 2014 & October 2014

Four of - 75lb / yard ex M.O.D. track panels*, all are 36ft long and each panel has 14 concrete sleepers fitted with rail clips. The rail heads are worn but serviceable, one panel has a slight kink in it but this is not major. Viewing recommended, asking price, £4395.00 (reduced) for all four panels, no VAT.

For further information, photos or to arrange viewing in the first instance please e-mail. The items are located in Gloucestershire and serious offers would be considered.

Email:  bryanlawson885@googlemail.com

Wagon Wheels Required
"Having acquired an old timber cattle wagon, which I plan to restore and use as a summerhouse, I would really like it to sit it on rails and wheels but have not been able to locate either. I am not entirely sure what would be best, either some wheels on their own that I can have put onto axles or entire bogie sets but his may a problem as I cannot get a crane or vehicle near to
the proposed site. My plan is to dismantle the wagon and rebuild it on site."

Any advice/help with securing some wheels for this van...

Email: peter@davidcharles.co.uk

Epping & Ongar Railway - 1498
The Epping Ongar Railway is offering for sale 3CIG unit 1498.

The unit was bought direct from the mainline but has become surplus to requirements. Funds raised from the sale will go towards our other Mark 1 coach projects on the railway. The unit is in fully operational and complete, and was in traffic as recently as last year on the Epping Ongar Railway.

Expressions of interest or for more information contact manager@eorailway.co.uk


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