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TUESDAY 08/12/15
20303 with 20302 20305 20308 & 20309 passing through Rotherham 08/12/15, 0Z20 from York Works to Barrow Hill
Following on from storage of the remaining DRS Class 20s yesterday, 47828 at Crewe Gresty Bridge has also been stored XHSS which leaves DRS with just one Class 47 on the books. 47790 (XHAC) is currently at Norwich.

Running as 0Z20, 20303 hauled 20302 20305 20308 & 20309 (all XHSS) from York Works to Barrow Hill this afternoon.

37682 in bits...
The stripped out shell of 37682 (XHSS) on accommodation bogies has been observed parked up at RVEL, Derby.

27059 to Barrow Hill...
Having sat on a trailer at Heanor, Langley Mill since its failed attempt to get to Leicester mid November 27059 (UKRS) has now been transported to Barrow Hill. There is a *likelihood* that the plan is now to transfer 27059 to Leicester by rail from Barrow Hill when 58016 (UKRS) is moved to Leicester.

Cabs from 86247 into preservation at Bridgend
The cabs from 86247 have been delivered to the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group at their yard in Bridgend. The group now own thirteen locomotive cabs. "Some are in a very poor state but are being stored pending attention. The cabs have to be purchased as and when they become available. Facilities are being set up in the yard in preparation for continuing the renovation process. The long term aim is to open a railway interest centre in South Wales which will include the collection of cabs."

The South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group Website

The two preserved cabs from 86247 at Bridgend 07/12/15
R Benyon

86247 Bridgend 07/12/15
Several views of the cabs from recently scrapped 86247 on delivery to the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group at Bridgend on the 7th. Other locomotive cabs visible in this collection include the cabs from 25305 45128 45140 47767 47973 50037 & 55021.
R Benyon (6 pictures)

25305 45128 & 45140 at Bridgend 07/12/15
R Benyon

37219 & 37175 visit Bradford with 1Q05, two Tugs amongst the Class 66s at Peak Forest
37219 37175 1Q05 07/12/14
37219 & 37175 worked the 1Q05 Derby to Doncaster via Bradford test train on the 7th.
D Senior & S Titchmarsh (5 pictures)
Peak Forest 04/12/15
"A few views from Peak Forest on the 4th, went up hoping to get the 6H22 Tunstead to Briggs with a Class 60 working it as its going over to Freightliner shortly along with a few other services. 60065 and 60066 were working."
J Gavin (6 pictures)
DRS Class 37s & GA Class 90 on Crown Point
Norwich Crown Point 06/12/15
DRS Class 37s on weekend maintenance and several GA Class 90s 'on shed' on the 6th.
T Blount (6 pictures)
Arlington's 07007 at Eastleigh, Pullman's 08499 at Canton

08499 & 150257 as viewed from a passing train at Cardiff Canton 04/12/15, M Turner

07007 undergoing maintenance at Eastleigh Works 03/12/15
C Watson

700106 on test at Cricklewood, 170208 to Loughborough, Nottingham Eastcroft

"Open wide gangway with no middle cabs, essentially two six car units back to back but in fixed formation, the 3rd rail collector shoe can just be made out on left wheelset, undergoing tests on the overhead line on the northern parts of the Thameslink route, fixed twelve car set 700106 at Cricklewood North sidings 05/12/15" R Morel

Nottingham Eastcroft 05/12/15 - an overview of the DMU stabling servicing point with 153385 alongside then 153385 being passed by Skegness bound 153302, G Gough

170208 'off route' passing Werrington Junction 05/12/15, 5Z70 from Norwich Crown Point to Brush Traction at Loughborough, A Wright

Ex EC buffet with EMT, ex VT stock on Burton
"Former East Coast Trailer Kitchen Buffet 40805 formed up in an East Midlands HST set (43059 on the front) at Derby 05/12/15"
K James
Former VT stock on Wetmore - 6041 & 5910 viewable at Burton 04/12/15
J Tuffs
Santa specials on the Avon Valley Railway
Two views of the "Avon Valley Railway's Santa Specials on the 5th with 31101 top and tailing with 0-6-0 saddle tank 15 'Earl David'
15 & 31101 Avon Valley Railway 05/12/15
G Soloman
47596 & 45133 working the Lapland Express on the MNR
Santa Specials, Mid Norfolk Railway 05/12/15-06/12/15
The 2015 season Santa Specials on the Mid Norfolk Railway started running on the 5th. Powered top and tail by 47596 and 45133 the 'Lapland Express' was photographed at Kimberly on the 5th, at Thruxton and then Crownthorpe on the 6th.
Andy M (6 pictures)
Santa specials on the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway

75254 & 19 at Bo'ness and running at Birkhill, with Santa in attendance 05/12/15, M Rivett




To apply to have video added to the playlist please visit the VIDEO PLAYLIST page

37219 leads 37175 through Horbury cutting 07/12/15 whilst working the 1Q05 Derby to Doncaster via Bradford
D Senior




Farewell to Arms

Produced with the full co-operation of Network Rail, this latest Locomaster DVD details the operation of the ten signal boxes between Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes that are due to close shortly before Christmas. The boxes along the 60-mile route are - Appleby, Elsham, Wrawby Junction, Barnetby East,
Brocklesby Junction, Ulceby, Roxton, Stallingborough (including the original box with the gate wheel and semaphores), Marsh Junction and Pasture Street. And there's a few more for good measure - Immingham Reception (the last electrically-powered box with slide levers), Immingham West and the original box at Immingham East which closed in 2012. There's also a quick look at the little-used Grimsby Light Railway.

In this documentary you will see inside each and every box in the area. In the manual boxes, the Signallers are seen working the levers and block instruments in much the same way as more than a century ago in Victorian times. At the more complex boxes such as Barnetby East and Wrawby Junction,
the Signallers explain the local layout and signalling operation. There are also plenty of unique and previously unseen views of the numerous passing passenger and freight trains that are usually only seen by the signalling staff.

If you have ever stood on Barnetby station and wondered how Barnetby and Wrawby Junction signal boxes operate, then wonder no more. It's all in this DVD!

Credit Card Hotline - 01753 545888

Website - http://www.locomaster.co.uk/farewell_to_arms.htm

Big Freight 14 & Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains - The story of 2015

Big Freight 14

No.14 in the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Big Freight series was launched at the Warley show on 28th November. Produced in conjunction with Freightmaster the National Railfreight Timetable this brand new action-packed programme features another superb feast of freight trains, filmed countrywide during 2014/2015.

Includes: Barnetby - In an extended feature, footage from summer and autumn looks at the coal, steel, iron ore, stone and oil trains hauled by various DBS, Freightliner, Colas and GBRf Class 60s and 66s plus a Colas Class 70; a look at the freight-only Leicester-Burton Line with numerous GBRf Class 66 hauled stone trains; a look at the freight scene in Scotland from 2015 with Class 68s and Colas 56s; a visit to Peak Forest and Great Rocks Junction; an extended feature on the Rail Head Treatment Trains for 2015 including DRS Class 20s, Network Rail Class 37s (97s), Colas Class 47s and GBRf Class 73s; plus: 60087 and 70805 on the Carlisle - Chirk logs; Northern Belle liveried 57305+57312 on the Valley flasks and much more.

2 hours 45 mins: DVD 19.95/Blu-ray 22.95

Full details here: www.videoscene.co.uk/big-freight-14.html

Preview here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFxHbPqU47w 

Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains - The story of 2015

The recent revival in loco-hauled passenger trains reached new heights in 2015 with the introduction of the brand new Class 68s and the return of an old favourite, the Class 37s. To celebrate this remarkable turnaround, the Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains series is back with a brand new release - The Story of 2015.

Includes: Footage from Cumbria, Marylebone and the Chilterns, Class 67s working from Holyhead; the short top and tail Class 37 hauled set working off Norwich; DRS Class 68s on Fife Circle workings; various 57s and 67s on the sleeper services out of Paddington and in Scotland; 55022 on the Royal Scotsman; electric hauled sleeper trains with 86101, 87002 and various Class 90s and 92s on the Caledonian sleepers.

1 hour 37 mins: DVD 16.95/Blu-ray 19.95

Full details here: www.videoscene.co.uk/diesel-hauled-passenger-trains-the-story-of-2015.html

Preview here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH_yvc9cUxU

UK Railway Datafile 2016

The UK Railway Datafile 2016 will be available for mail order from November 26th 2015.

This is the biggest book yet, with upgraded section layouts, new stock additions and a complete review for accuracy.

You can order your copy via PayPal to... KobraBFMV011@yahoo.com

Or order via cheque to...

 W Snook
131 Edleston Road

Syphon Salute - 50 Years of Class 37s

The Class 37 Locomotive Group's new book, the Syphon Salute, 50 Years of Class 37s

The Group wish to make it clear "that if you buy the book directly from the Group's shop (link below) 100% of the profit from the purchase goes towards the up keep and restoration of the Groups locomotive - 37003 at the Mid Norfolk Railway. The Group is a non profitable charity. If anyone buys the book from Strathwood, only a very small percentage of the proceeds from the book goes towards the Group."


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